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Richard Carson Steuart on Tour with Enrique Crespo Brass (Dec. 2013)

Spanish Blue Duo

"Spanish-Blue" Duo:
Richard Carson Steuart Trumpets (Canada/ Germany) and Daniel Bolshoy Classical Guitar (Montreal) at the International Trumpet Guild Conference in Banff, Canada in June 2008.
The "Spanish-Blue" Duo performed a selection of Hespanic and Latin  works (from Classic to Jazz) and exhibited some of the finest music making at this conference. Mr. Bolshoy performed on acoustic guitar but tastefully amplified allowing Mr. Steuart to play with a full dynamic spectrum on a variety of trumpets and mutes. Mr. Steuart played passionately and in a vocal style and deftly navigated the lyrical and extremely technical lines that were demanded throughout the repertoire performed. Both musicians played with sensitivity placing musicality above all else.
- Mark Boren ITG Review Team "Banff 2008"

German Recording and Concert tour:
Richard Carson Steuart and the Russian Brass Quintet

In the winter of 2005 and spring of 2006 Richard Carson Steuart was in St.Petersburg, Russia for rehearsals and concerts with the Russian Brass Quintet in preparation for a German recording and concet Tour which took place in the summer of 2006.

This was 5th time that Mr. steuart had journeyed to Russia since 2000, lecturing and performing in Moscow and St. Petersburg with ensembles as diverse as the St. Peterburg Baroque Ensemble (on the Baroque Trumpet) and National Military Concert Band (on both Romantic Cornet and Modern Trumpet to Conducting and performing with the Moscow Master Brass Ensemble not to mention his Club-concerts with the St. Petersburg Jazz Big-Band (with which he Sung and Played two of his own orginal Jazz compositions). Having also played the Cornet Solo part in the Oskar Boehme "Trumpet" Sextet with the Russian Brass Qunitet in the Glinka Hall as special guest Soloist in a "Romantic" Trumpet Fesival in St. Petersburg in 2003, Mr. Steuart was inspired by this extraordinary instrumnetal combination not to mention the Russian Brass's high technical abilities and indepth knowleadge of Russian Brass-playing tradition.

He therefore immeadaitely engaged the Russian Brass for a recording and concert tour and commissioned two arrangers to begin to work on several pieces from the standard Russian Solo-Trumpet Repertoire that were to arranged anew and especially for this combination. Such works as Boehme's "Russian Dance", the 2 Vassily Brandt  "Conert Pieces", and the famous "Concert Etude" and Concerto by Alexander Goedicke were prepared for the recordings which took place in Germany at the "Bayerische Musik Academy" in Hammelburg (Northen Bavaria) in 2006. Please see a few of the orignal Concert critques below which took place in Germany along with the recordings, they speak for themselves.